Thursday, April 22, 2010

Points for Failures

So there is an achievement system so why not have points awarded for failures that people can be ashamed of? That would be great wouldn't it when people were applying to guilds. ?You could see how big of a dumbass said person is before you ever spoke with them. Obviously, this would never happen but if it were to here would be some of the points awarded in Icecrown Citadel.

Lord Marrowgar: Don't you love those people who don't kill bone spikes?
Lady Deathwhisper: All good fun aside, why kill a member of your raid?
Gunship: Sometimes I feel like I raid with 10 year olds
Deathbringer Saurfang: Do you really not see that blood beast beating on you? Or are you just tunnel visioned looking at the DPS meter?
Festergut: I have no idea how this is hard, but apparently it must be because people can't do it.
Rotface: Incomming giant slime. Looks interesting I should go say hello right?
Professor Putricide: So this Orange thing may me grow to twice my size and this beam is coming right at me. I swear some how it must make sense to run at this thing chasing me.
Blood Princes: Is a giant flaming ball that hard to see? Or did you have issues with Sarth's Firewall too?
Blood Queen: So all my buttons have changed to this bite command. I get this feeling I am supposed to do something I wonder what it could be.
Dreamwalker: So let me get this straight when he says "Everybody on that side has to switch to Skellies" he is talking to me too? Why was I never told.
Sindragosa: This is like the hallway in highschool all over again. I go to one side so do they. So I go to the other side, and so do they. It is like there should be this thing that once you get somewhere you should stay there...
Lich King: So wait a second that giant black stuff killing me is bad to stand in? Why was I not told this.

That is it for today. Maybe you have some fail points to hand out to people as well. I guess maybe isn't the right word. Reminder today is the last day to get in your disconnect stories for tomorrow's post. May your raid have less failure.


  1. full of win once again. I needed a laugh today so thank you.


  2. ROFL bring on fail points. Your "pro points" could be your achieves - fails

  3. come on the giant orange orb is hard to see...