Friday, April 9, 2010

I RP Therefore I Am

So today is Friday meaning it is time for this weeks reader's post. This week I asked people what they wear for RP gear and a little story to go with it. People may not know that I have quite a few RP outfits that I keep in my bags at all times. I have a Wizard outfit, Pally set, Rogue Set, Biker Set. Not to mention keep all the holiday stuff along with a 9/9 twill set. This seems to be rubbing off on people, since Mora started a dancing club in Orgrimmar the other day, in addition she started collecting dresses, outfits for fishing along with who else knows. All is well! Join the fun if you don't have one. So here are some of this week's submissions.

I have a Jedi set with light sabres and all. I get complements on it all the time. I even added emotes to my attacks talking about the force. If only people knew I paid like 3k each for the swords.

Twill is where it's at. You look like a pimp. I always use it to fish. Reminds me of this time in Wintergrasp this guy stopped killing me when he noticed I was in full twill. So there you go. Don't want to get ganked while fishing in WG just wear full twill it is like instant l33tness.

As a Draenei I have a construction worker hat with a pink shirt and jeans. I look just like the guy from the Village People when i do the Draenei dance. I can't take all the credit I saw it in a Never Stay Tuned Video.

Whenever I ride my Zulan Tiger mount I also wear a brawler harness and the greatsword you can buy from the vendor in Orgrimmar. Then I mount and hell "BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL" so pro if only the tiger was green.

I have a hooker outfit for when I ask for gold. Have you ever seen the black leggings you can get not to mention the fishnet armbands. Don't underestimate the power you have over teenage boys!

I have 4 different Pirate outfits depending on how I want to blend in. I have all the pirate hats and the swashbucker shirts and of course the pirates. People sometimes confuse me with NPCs in Booty Bay it is pretty funny.

That is it for this week. Thanks to Mora for giving me the idea for this. Have a great weekend, last weekend of the NHL season!