Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some Bosses Make Me Wonder

So you ever wonder what the hell some bosses were thinking? Why did they do exactly what they did? Are they really that stupid? Hey maybe all bosses were ret pallys in another life. So here is some of my thoughts on why some bosses are not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Malygos: Ever wonder why Maly lets everyone come in one by one and doesn't kill them. Like if he doesn't want anyone in his little haven why even have a platform for them to land on in the first place. Like them fall to their death. Also he like bitches and complains about how he can own you while just flying around you, but they straw that sets him off is when you touch his little crystal ball. What is his thinking? OMFG YOU TOUCHED MY CRYSTAL BALL NOW YOU DIE!

Yogg Saron: So for an Old God he is pretty retarded. He has this immunity bubble on him so you can't hurt him, but for some unknown reason he ports you inside his brain so you can kill him. Does this confuse anyone else? Or should we just blame Yogg for his own death?

Anub'arak: So why doesn't he he stay underground so he doesn't die? Like lets just let people beat on me like and idiot then I will chill underground after a bit. Why not tunnel yourself and retreat at least to save your life. Obviously there is a reason he got kill and is a servant in undeath in the first place.

now for the the master

Lich King
  • He has tunnels through all of Northrend and just waits for them to attack
  • He lets people walk right into his Citadel. Why doesn't he send Sindragosa down to kill everyone?
  • You know during the first Quest for Shadowmorne and he summons like 1000000 ghouls. Why does he not summon that many you fight him, instead of the 5 at a time?
  • Why does he Iceblock Tiron and not send him over the edge
  • Speaking of Iceblocks why doesn't he Iceblock healers so the tanks die?
  • You know that spell at the end of the Deathknight questline Apocalpse why doesn't he ever cast that. It like owned every ones face then.

So I have come to this conclusion does anyone else know someting that bosses do that just makes you scratch your head? Last reminder that tonight is the last day to get your story about your favourite boss in.


  1. Why does he always let you get away? That always bugged me too just own me already.


  2. don't touch his precious orb that is the last straw!!!

  3. good point why would yogg let people in to kill him

  4. Name that boss.

    "I'm super-mad at you and I'm going to get more weapons. Oh... you've really pissed me off. Time for me to get MORE weapons."

    Wait, that's 2 bosses that do that.