Monday, April 19, 2010

My Little Pony

So anyone heard about the pretty little horse you can get? It seems to be this topic has caused some serious uproar. Of course Blizzard is doing this to make money. Why do you think there is a pet store in the first place? The question of if $25 for a mount is a fair amount is not the point. They can charge whatever they want for it since they are selling it. If people are buying it, then it can't be that bad. I am sure they did extensive research on prices and all that crap to figure out the price. Wait I said I wasn't going to talk about that. Anyways, the question is, is selling this mount wrong? Of course not. Is it greedy? Some may take it that way, but really it is their company they can do what they want. If I started selling T-Shirts would I be greedy? People have asked for them and I am just doing what people have asked for. So I assume they have had millions of requests for mounts to be purchasable. They started out with the card game and I guess realized with the sale of many of those mounts on ebay they could make actual money off them.

So in a business sense it is like the decision to legalize things like alcohol, cigarettes, and marijuana. When governments realize they can make money off it they it is a completely different story. Why not get your cut right? No one is forcing you to get said mount. Do you feel you have to? If you have a problem with Blizzard selling mounts and pets you could always boycott WoW, but you won't you.

The question if I will get one. Well the mount looks cool. If you can get the my little pony vision out of your head. I probably wouldn't use it as a ground mount over my Hog. I just enjoy doing flips and spins too much, in addition to the killing people thing. Flying wise I really enjoy the if you have a 310% it goes 310%. This leads me to a bitch point. Why doesn't this apply to other mounts? I would love to ride a bunch of my mounts, but they aren't 310% so I am there wondering why I am going so damn slow. So there is my only real beef with the mount. The biggest reason I probably won't get the mount is because so many people have it. I am not one who enjoys to blend in, so I think it would be very anti-Gauss of me.

I hope that satisfies all the requests for a rant on "Sparkle" Blizzard's new addition to the My Little Pony family.


  1. so I thought my horse was cool until you made me realize it is just like a my little pony...


  2. my little pony, my little pony what adventures will we have today. Sad I still know the song after this long

  3. I love who you just randomly compared a blizzard mount to legalizing drugs. That's pro

  4. honestly you ruined my mount! Damn you

  5. blizzard are making 310% speed trainable in cataclysm