Monday, April 5, 2010

O Where O Where Can The Warlock Be?

So I don't know about other guilds, but with my guild warlocks have always been an issue. It doesn't matter what it is, but it is always something. Here are just a couple examples of warlock craziness.
  • This one warlock thought I was purposely telling other warlocks to screw up so he would look bad. He left the guild after having a fit.
  • Another warlock took it personally that he wasn't getting focus magic. He then transferred servers because we weren't letting him get to his full potential
  • I swear without an hesitation we had a warlock who cut himself when he wasn't top DPS
  • This one warlock had to say she was a lesbian in pretty much every sentence she ever said or typed
  • First one dead last one back. Every time without fail. Apparently warlocks have a slow debuff while dead

These are just a few examples. This leads me to this current warlock we just recruited. Seemed like a good guy. His experience checked out. Has had many feats of strength for realm firsts. Even if he was a faction transfer a warlock is a warlock. He answered my plethora of questions without running away, and even took my warlock jokes in strides.

He was also excited to attend the raid Wednesday night. He was not saved to any raids and was ready to show us what he could do. Frankly, I thought I finally had found a sane warlock. Now truth be told I have said this before upon getting warlocks, to which I have changed my mind upon spending time around them.

So what is the problem you ask? Well he hasn't been on since that Wednesday afternoon. Haven't heard from him. The thing is before we did this interview I had hardly seen him offline. He never said he was going anywhere and like I said he was pretty pumped to be able to attend the raid Wednesday night. So I say Where O Where can the warlock be?

Just when I thought warlocks could be normal...


  1. Malroth was a champ!

  2. He's with the shammy and the mage I recruited last week. I'm guessing Vegas.

  3. Yes, Malroth was chimp champ!