Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lost In Translation

So I was just riding around on my hog pointlessly jumping around doing flips and spins while waiting for my Daily Heroic to pop. This is when I started thinking about how this would translate into real life. Then I had this brilliant Idea for today's post. So here are my thoughts

Daily Heroic = Going Out

Waiting for queue = wait for a ride
You running around Dalaran = You pacing around the house
You complaining how long DPS queues take = You texting or calling asking where the hell are they
The DPS that forgets to click accept = That friend who is always not ready regardless of how much time they had
Getting HoR and someone leaves = Getting to the bar and someone realizes they forget their ID
Bitching to the other party members that HoR is not hard = Calling them an idiot, who forgets their ID?
Requeue? = Go in without them or wait for them to come back first?

Free Loot Tuesday = Crazy Sale at Walmart

Pushing and shoving = 40 people on for 25 spots
Staff that never drops does drop = You spot the Bath mats your wife wanted
It goes to someone else = This crazy looking lady beats you to them
You beg them to give you the staff = You explain how badly you need said bath mats
You offer them gold for the staff = You open your wallet and ask "how much?"
They tell you another weapon drops later on = Them showing you a similar bath mat
"That staff is my BiS" = "You obviously have never met my wife"

The Gold Beggar = Squeegee Kid

Asks for change at your window = Walking around you asking for gold in /s
You say no, and he says he won't spend it on drugs = I only need it to respec
Light won't turn green and he won't leave = The tool opens trade with you
You roll up the window and he bangs on it screaming = Starts yelling for gold
Light turns green and you leave = You report him for spam

Decorating = Gemming and enchanting

no primer = no enchants
Didn't tape before painting = not best chants
Gifted furniture = gems you had in your bank
Ikea furniture = green gems
Ugly red couch that doesn't match anything = Completely wrong gems
Not stainless steal appliances = Meta isn't active

That's all I got for today try at doing your own. Reminder tomorrow is your last chance to get your disconnect stories in.


  1. ROFL love the bath mats bit.


  2. Ikea = green gems
    That was beyond awesome.
    Wonder what Ninja Looter = ?
    I just sent my disconnect story as well it was pretty sweet.

  3. wtf is a squeegee kid?

  4. well done sir well done

  5. lol at bath mats. You won the internet again