Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You Fail At Boss Tactics If...

So it would be Tuesday in case you didn't know, which means it is the time for the weekly addition of fail. I had a lot of ammo for the post this week so I am sure to get someone you know with some of these.

You Fail At Boss Tactics If...
  • Your ability to run 20yrds in 5 seconds if non existent
  • Distance frames appear to be in a different language
  • You conveniently dc whenever you screw up
  • The concept of the middle of the room causing confusion
  • You interpret "melee stay the fuck away till a target is chosen" as "beat on the thing while you blow up the raid"
  • When you are targeted for an icetomb you want to share this experience with the entire raid
  • LoS some how means die like a champ
  • You think dragons don't cleave or tail swipe.
  • The word "stack" means be as far away as possible so you get no heals
  • "Stop DPS" means blow all cooldowns so I have awesome numbers on the damage meter
  • Don't go on platform means run up on it to target the boss like a pro
  • You think purple flames are finally the flames that give you haste
  • You think staying spread out is only a guideline
  • Bloodlust after next portal means Bloodlust now
  • You caused a raid wipe or almost did then complain like a 8 year old when asked to step out
  • You think decurse means everyone but you

and finally

  • Your tactics on a boss fight cause people to hearthing during pulls

That is it for this week. Enjoy your free loot Tuesday unless that is if you are extending of course!


  1. Purple flames are much prettier makes it more inviting to stand in.


  2. stopping DPS is hard the ESC key is so far away!

  3. but i like to stay close to my guildies to keep them safe