Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ask Gauss

First off, I made a couple changes to the layout. Easier access to the email, which you can find to the right. Also a list of the WoW blogs I read is now also listed on the right without accessing to my profile. In addition there is now an easy way to suscribe via feed also located on the right near the bottom. Apparently, I made things quite difficult for people, so at least all the new people to the nation will have an easier time. If you have any requests as others have feel free to send them along. So back to the topic at hand. It is Sunday after all, which means it is time to reach into my bag of questions and choose three randomly that I will answer. By bag I mean email inbox, and by randomly I mean carefully chosen through a complicated process. So that leads us to the questions.

What is it like to just be standing around and people salute you?

Well they do things other than salute... I have gotten used to it. I guess it comes with the territory of being well known. There is always good and the bad. Apparently when you don't respond to whispers fast enough people assume you are to good for them. It is not that I have 30 other whispers also saying "hi" to me. Now to make a point I am not Monq. For those not a part of Llane, this is a guy or could be a girl for that matter, but I am assuming hes male. He enjoys chilling by the well by north bank in Dalaran on his frostwrym. He never goes afk and just sits there. My conclusion is he is there to be noticed and so his epeen can grow. Quite a special character. I actually thought Bliz made him part of the city. He is looking for what you are talking about. Maybe he will get it maybe he won't. So I guess to answer the question it is nice that people appreciate what you have or will do. I am just not the kind of guy that looks for it.

Why do you think people listen to what you have to say?

I guess you are asking why people would listen to me more than someone else. Maybe it is because people know me, or there was someone else I said something to that helped them out. I know a lot about this game because I have played it since it was released. This doesn't mean I know more than everyone, but I am well informed. It might also be I am very vocal and like to get the information out there. If someone is asking for something I know is not good for them. I generally will tell them they don't want that or need it. This in turn sparks a conversation and it just gets me going. Like the little gathering we had in Orgrimmar the other day. One thing got me going then 15 minutes later we have a crowd like I was making a public speech. People generally listen to someone if they have something to say. Of course I think everyone knows I pretty much have an opinion about everything.

How is the Pally set coming?

Just need a cloak, and shield. I'll post a pick when it's done.

So that is it for this weeks questions. Again if you got any other requests you want to see on the blog feel free to send them along. This weeks reader's post is going to be about those disconnect stories. Could be you or someone else you were with at the time. As always you have until Thursday to get them in.

Enjoy what is left of your weekend.


  1. I think your points are thought out well and informed which is why I listen to you. Also you tend to throw something funny in as well which makes it less boring.


  2. Can't wait to see the pally set what is the gearscore of it?

  3. Woot the site tweaks look awesome, and thanks for the blogroll link!