Saturday, April 17, 2010

Right to Assembly

So yesterday in Orgrimmar I was driving around doing jumps, off the buildings with my hog, like I always do when waiting for raid time. When I started to chill for a second when I went to grab a drink. When I came back realizing that I didn't hide myself....

"Zomg you have the best gear I have ever seen!", "My gearscore is almost as high as yours", along with a series of others including "Gauss has 100k+ kills and no arena team". I answered it how I always do. For those who don't know I have been rather disappointed in Arena in Wrath. I spoke about how it is very now very pigeoned holed. Apparently I started to attract attention for this crowd started to form up around me.

Think of it like an Ask Gauss blog in real time. Talking about things from pvp, raiding, hardmodes, to the development of the games lore. This was when someone commented there was at least 40 people standing or sitting around listening.

Actually never really been a part of something like that in the game before. Well that is a bit of a lie I have had that many alliance stand around my corpse teabagging, posting banners, and of course spitting and laughing. So lets just say people who didn't want me dead were standing around. Well that is probably not completely true either. As some of them standing around were most likely planning my demise.

Anyways because of this maybe I will chill around more often in places where people actually assemble rather than in my hidden locations to avoid the masses. So if your around look for me and I will probably be speaking my mind somewhere for people to pick my brain and all that is Warcraft.


  1. I was there people just wanted to hear what you had to say. Which is weird at times why they care so much.

  2. well you know a lot about the game people should listen imo.


  3. what he said you are worth listening too