Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One Day I Will Have My Revenge

This post was inspired by Kilitsune so I give him the credit for sparking the idea. Basically there has been points in this game where the words that came out of my mouth were "One day I will be back and I am going to own your ass". Everyone has these moments that caused you to utter these words. Here are a few of mine.

South Shore Guards: When I was leveling up Gauss the game was new. No one really knew what the hell they were doing. so to some this may seem a little stupid, but whatever. So here I was heading into Hillsbrad from Silverpine attempting to do that silly warrior quest where you need to get some crap from a mine in Hillsbrad. Of course I was running all over the place when of course these guys come out of no where and own my ass. I rez and they came again. I had no idea what level they were they just had the dreaded "Skull". I must have died at least 10 times with these damn guards seeming to have the largest aggro radius possible. I vowed that day I would come back, and I did. Any chance I got I burned that damn town to the ground.

King Mosh: Not just King Mosh but his other devilsaur brothers and sisters used to always be wherever I was while I was leveling in Un'goro. The biggest pain in the ass was when I was escorting that goblin that kept fainting while I was trying to get him Marshal's Refugee. Of course I failed the quest at least 5 times because that idiot would faint, I would wait, and then one of those blasted things would come out of no where and kill me. It pissed me off so much I dropped the quest and said screw you to the stupid goblin. When I came back to do this quest for the Loremaster achieve I made sure I killed every damn devilsaur in the zone at least 5 times. Doing the quest brought back the anger of that faithful day...

Fel Reaver: Anyone who has ever quested in Hellfire knows that when you hear that noise it can only mean one thing....RUN. I don't know how this giant mechanical thing always seemed to creep up on me, but it some how did. Also when I need to go afk for some reason or another I would always end up dead. THAT BLASTED FEL REAVER! This thing is now on my kill on sight list and it makes me feel a little better everytime he dies.

The Crimson Courier: Eastern Plaguelands anyone? This is the patrol that walks the roads. Again with all things which killed me while leveling, I seemed to find them one way or another. There is a point in Eastern Plaguelands that you have to use the road, and of course it always seemed to be when I was using this path on the way to Strat the courier was there to make my face eat dirt. It was like a slap in the face with all those 45 minute runs and still no mount drop. I would come up the road and of course there was the courier. Now whenever I do the mount runs I wait at that intersection to kill those bastards and spit on their corpses.

Bomb Bots: On the way to Mimiron that wonderful first pull has now become known as the pull where Gauss dies. "Time for every ones favourite part of the week". It used to be I would charge in blow all my cooldowns even get pain suppression and guardian spirit and still some how manage to die. Now over gearing the place some how some way a bomb gets lose and still kills me. There will be a day I will come back here charge in and kill those god damn bots...

There are some of my stories of revenge. How about yours?


  1. That Fel Reaver noise still gives me nightmares


  2. Damn the dinos!!!! But that quest in Un'goro has to be the worst quest in WoW

  3. ROFL at the bomb bots

  4. I am proud to say that I have had my revenge on the fel reaver.

  5. Un'Goro...I remember going there the first time and seeing the Ironskin Devilsaur. I gave him wide berth and made it to Marshal's Refuge. I don't remember which of the many quests I was doing when I cut across the zone, stopped to pick a posy and promptly got stomped on by the red one. When Blizzard let Beast Masters tame exotics and those devilsaurs were available, you bet. He's called Phred now and he does what I tell him to do.

    I love bringing him out in the middle of town. People always make comments due to that size bug. "That's the dino from Un'Goro! How'd you do that?"

    "I feed him horde once a week and lots and lots of scourge in Icecrown."