Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ask Gauss

So it is Sunday and besides the last day of The Masters it is time for Ask Gauss. This week has kinda been crazy so many requests for blog posts and of course the "have you done a fail post on ___ yet". I got through all the emails this week even the weird ones, did you know they have wow in Nigeria? Anyways let's get to the questions for the week.

Do you think encounters are easier than they used to be?

Well if we are talking about normal encounters based to previous expansions I would have to say yes for the reason there was no hard modes before. But even considering hardmodes lets think about this.

In classic WoW think of the hardest encounters. Ragnaros was the first difficult encounter people faced basically because it was the first encounter people had to be organized. Know where to stand, not stand next to others, and of course assist for proper dpsing down of the adds. Nefarian was probably the first of WoW's truly difficult encounters. It wasn't just about how fast you could dps, or how good your healers were. Was about position, kill targets, and raid management. C'thun by many is considered to be one of the most difficult encounters WoW has ever had. In my opinion this isn't close to being given this title. This encounter was hard because 40 people were in the raid not because of the mechanics.

The Burning Crusade in my opinion saw WoWs most difficult encounters, and blizzard has said an instance at the level of Sunwell won't be made again. In BC it was not unheard of to spend weeks or a month trying to get a boss down. Individual boss kills were more of an achievement rather than now the big deal is clearing the instance. When you think of the names and what went into killing Vashj, Kael'thas, Archimonde, Illidan. All of these bosses could be considered guild killers. Any raider who expierenced it though all you have to say to them is... M'uru. They have never made anything more difficult.

So comparing Wrath 3D sarth on release, Yogg +0, Algalon, Heroic Anub are at the difficult level. I don't think anyone could say any of those bosses is more difficult then completely Sunwell. So I do think the encounters are easier, but I enjoy the new designs a lot more than I used to. It is not the same boss with a different look, which to me is important and makes the game worth playing.

What addons you currently use, what you love, like, hate but use, wouldn't touch with a 50-foot Molson's?

Here is my list
Bagone (when will blizzard put this option in...)
Boss Notes
Cooldown Count
Deadly Boss Mods
Elkano Buff Bars
Rating Buster
Recount (I hate running a meter...)
Scrolling Combat Text (would love to run blizzards, but so used to this)
Shadowed UnitFrames (this is the new agunit)
Slam Alert
Strong Arms

Now addons I would stay away from xPearl(takes too much rescources for what it does), titanpannel, CT_Mail, AuctionAdvanced, Dominos(doesn't get updated enough), CTBuff, DrDmg.

Now there are some addons which do the same of many of mine I just haven't used them and can't speak about them. Also for those wondering since it seems I use a lot. In a raid I do not run auctioneer and run at about 21M of memory.

So you are always answering peoples questions, so here is your chance to ask me a question.

Why is the rum gone?

That is it for this week. Enjoy what is left of your weekend. This Friday's readers post will be the story of your favourite boss and why. You have until Thursday night to get them in.


  1. That is a lot of addons. No lag at all?

  2. why is the rum gone?
    Why is the rum gone?
    why is the rum gone?

  3. Did you help that Nigerian with his money order problem?