Friday, April 23, 2010

My Interwebs They DC

So it is Friday and time for this weeks Reader's Post. This week's topic was stories about disconnects. Could have been yours or someone you know. So let us all sit back and read about other people's misfortune.

Back when all the servers were running on hamsters that were over the hill. Our raid mass disconnected. The best part was when we all logged back on we were in Tauren Mill. How? I have absolutely no clue. So we just took our 40 man raid and owned the crap out of South Shore. Oh the good ole days.

The Zepplins on my server were acting up. Just as you are about to zone back in you get disconnected from the server. Normally we have been able to log back in just fine. Well tonight I was on my alt and this happened to me though I would go to log back in and I was getting stuck on the loading screen and before I could get into the game itself I would disconnect. This was going on for about an hour. A guildie was able to talk to a GM who reset my toon. When I was finally able to log back in, the GM had put me in Stormwind City. The bad part is that my alt is horde not alliance so I was killed almost instantly. Which the GM knew my race so I am convinced that the Stormwind placement was for their own pure amusement.

Our first kill of Magtheridon was an amusing one. Our tank kept disconnecting over and over and some how was able to maintain aggro through constant MDs. He would connect cast a few abilities then disconnect again. The whole time he was cursing on vent screaming, but it was like he was being beeped out because he was lagging out. It had to be on the funniest things ever in my wow career.

This one night in Naxx one of our hunters kept disconnecting and kept blaming it on his brother and whatever he was downloading. The funny thing was that we joked around and told him to tell his brother to stop downloading porn while you are raiding. The best part a couple disconnects later we actually heard him watching porn. He never heard the end of that one.

This story is actually about someone disconnecting we just made him think he was disconnecting from vent. We all pretended the whole night that we couldn't hear him. We just didn't acknowledge anything he said. "But I can hear you, I have no idea what is going on". He must have reinstalled vent at least 3 times before someone ruined it and told him it was a joke.

Because it was requested by a former guildie. I will post this. We were in Blackwing Lair and everyone knows the servers were special back then. I some how lived through the trash pull when everyone else died. I log back on to see corpses all over and myself staring at a Felguard. Of course everyone on vent is screaming at me to charge in and try to kill him. Remember this was a 40 man raid at level 60. There is no way I could kill it could I? Well watch the video someone took

That is it for today. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I would love to be a GM and do crap like that to people. And is that part of the legend that made Gauss?


  2. every seen that video where the kid freaks out because his roomates keep Dcing him from wow. It is pretty funny.

  3. That is great putting him in an alliance city. His friend probably told him to

  4. Nice video that was very epic! I always love when the warrior is the last one left (especially a dps warrior) and they save the raid. Shield wall and tanking a boss or retalliation to kill some adds, really epic imo :)

    Nice job with the fel guard, I bet your group flipped out haha

  5. @Mac

    Yes I have seen that video it is actualyl quite entertaining. Someone actually submitted it to me.


    I asked a GM for his job for a Day. He declined saying I would cause too much trouble.


    When it happened I was actually pretty sure I was going to die. Of course when I did it, I played it like it was of course all skill. I agree though being able to save the raid or be the last one standing is always pretty epic.