Monday, April 26, 2010

WoW Poetry?

Thought I would share this poem as everyone needs a laugh after once in awhile. Especially me with the pain of Sindragosa's voice ringing in my ears.

I'm jealous of every Felguard
Underneath the sun
I don't wish I had a Felguard pet, no
I wish that I WAS one.

Oh I wish I was a Felguard,
with bad teeth and spikey back
With a charge that doesn't miss
Whenever I attack

To be able to enter combat
With a bar full of blue rage
to start shooting off specials
the very moment I engage!

To wield a mighty 2H axe
without worry of the cost
A felguard isn't 'normalized'
so no rage there is lost

And to fight my foes half naked
without a speck of fear
Oh to be a felguard
un-dependent on gear!

Sure I'd be a warlocks slave
won't bother me in the least
No different than things are now
I'm shackled to a priest!

So Blizzard if you're listening
(Yeah right, we've no such luck)
I wish I was a Felguard
So then I could cease to suck.

Well there is also this random Pally Poem...

My comrades are my weapons, and I am their shield.
While I draw breath, they shall not perish.
So long as they live, our enemies will fall.
I am defender, protector, guardian.
I am a Paladin!

It needs work...

My comrades are douchebags, I am dps.
While I draw breath, they shall not get any heals from me.
So long as they live, I shall cop abuse.
I am dps, dps, dps.
I am a ret paladin!

Now that is much better!

Enjoy your Monday. If that is possible.


  1. Pally always will be that guy who never heals.