Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Do Other Servers Have A Gauss?

Now this isn't a post to make me feel awesome. It is a real question. If I randomly log on to another server is there someone who is pretty much known by everyone for one reason or another? Is there someone who can basically drive people insane with a click of a button? Why the question, you ask? Well let me tell you a story.

So I joined this VoA pug and the following happened. 4 people say something simlar to "OMFG it's Gauss awesome this group kicks ass". Someone else says "if Gauss is here I am not coming so make your choice!" Guildies say "calm down you can get his autograph later". Then the whispers start asking me question upon question. This all just made me laugh and wonder how this all happened. Well I kind of know how it all happened. It just made me think of other servers and if there is someone like me there. Would be great to talk to them share some crazy stories and have some good laughs. Think it would be a lot of fun. Who knows, eh?

I thought I would throw these two pics a couple people sent me for fun. I am sure they will give you all a laugh too.
That is it for today. If you know someone be sure to tell me. Reminder tomorrow is the last day to get in your RP outfits and your story behind them. A couple have made me /facepalm so looking forward to getting some more.


  1. I assume there has to be. Let me log on a couple servers and see lol.

    That cat pic is awesome lol


  2. I would say yes without a doubt