Monday, April 12, 2010


So with my guild getting pretty geared up and these BoEs deciding to drop like flies now I am having to sell a lot of these Icecrown Citadel epics. There are three kinds of people who whisper me about these. People who actually want to buy them, lets call them Buyers, people who try to get it cheaper than what I am asking, lets call them Wasters of Time, and finally people that I well just refer to as Failures. Let's go over each type shall we.


These people are the ones that whisper you ask the price, understand it is fair and either make arrangements to get the item now or say they need an hour or two to get the gold together. People like this I don't mind because they understand how things work. I have a price and that's what I will be getting. They don't bug me and ask to get it cheaper. These are the people I wish I would see more of.

Wasters of Time

These are the people when they ask you the price and say 8k they respond back and say how about 5k. You say "no", and they reply "well I only have 5k". I respond "Well that's nice". They come back and say "Well I don't have 8k". I reply "Well then you wont get this wont you?". They go on to complain I am being unfair. Apparently I can't make my own prices and if someone only has a certain amount of gold it is rude of me to ask for more. How dare I? These people just piss me off because I know some of the times they have the amount I asked for and just want it for cheaper. Maybe sometimes they don't have it, but that doesn't mean I am going to be "nice" and take less gold then I can get because you are a dumbass and spent your gold on something else. Like I said before "Wasters of Time"


These are the people that have the gold, but they are asking to buy an item they have no business doing so. Like a Hunter that is all excited because I have a gun upgrade for them. What they fail to notice is that it is a tank gun. This is where I am torn. Do I tell them that it is a tank gun? And if the answer is yes, do I wait till after they buy it from me? Or does it depend if I am in a good mood that day or not. I guess it would matter if WoW had an ethics board...

So this is the pain I must now go through with ICC epics. Anyone else experience this joy on a daily basis?


  1. "well you wont get this will you?"

    ROFL epic


  2. I hate people who think thye can widdle down prices. It is horrible with Saronite

  3. I'd tell him after he/she bought it

  4. I agree they probably have the gold just dont want to pay it.