Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You Fail At Gearing Your Toon If..

Happy Fail day everyone. I find it ironic I do fail posts on Tuesdays since it is the reset day. Is this when I expect to see the highest amount of fail? From my laughs when I see what the weekly is and how some pugs will fail at it, to my enjoyment of people overpaying for everything on the auction house. This is an all trades fail and I would like to thank this DK in my daily heroic the other day that I wish I could have slapped upside the head for the inspiration. To the fail then.

You Fail At Gearing Your Toon If...
  • You're a DK that thinks since spell penetration works in PvP, Spellpower must work in PvE
  • You say no to upgrades because they don't match your current gear
  • The phrase "those boots are cloth" is a reason someone else shouldn't have got loot
  • You are using an item because it increases your gearscore regardless of the stats
  • You got an upgrade because it was the only thing you could fill that slot with you could buy with badges
  • Your gemming strat is based on what you had in your bank
  • You are using two Bryntroll as a fury warrior
  • You want an item with hit when you already have enough to hit a level 90 boss
  • You think people are idiots for using ilevel 200 items because you are clueless to the fact they are actually good
  • You have no idea what your soft and hard caps are for specific stats
  • You have no clue why that should matter
  • You have no clue why the guy about to join your pug is asking if there is an SP or a Battle Chicken
  • You're a Ret pally who wants ArP gear
  • You ask for help regarding gear choices from trade
  • You're one of the hunters that has paid me 3500g for a gun used by a warrior tank

And finally

  • You want to do all the optional bosses in a heroic because for some reason you still believe this is the quickest way to get more badges

That would be it for this week's edition of fail. Enjoy your Free Loot Tuesday that is unless you are extending your instance. Also I want to pre thank all the idiots buying my overpriced crap on the AH as I am typing this.


  1. hit for a level 90 boss returns with style


  2. The DK had spell power gems? ROFL that's awesome

  3. some of the ToC regular trinkets are good and they are ilvl 200. Also the holy palyl libram is 200 ilvl and it is good as well

  4. optional boss are fail. What is the point anyway besides wasting time?

  5. http://blog.cold-comfort.org/timetoemblem-ratios/

    For Gundrak and Strat, it's fewer Minutes per Emblem (more Emblems/hour) to do optional bosses. For HoS and OK, it's more Emblems/hour to do skip the bosses. Of course, this assumes you have a tank or healer queue. If you're DPS only, it's always advantageous to do optional bosses.