Saturday, April 10, 2010

Like A Boss

So I had this idea if I was a boss in WoW what would the encounter be like. I am pretty sure I would want it to be able my frustrations that people have done over the years. So here goes my release!


Banishment of the Slacker: Right on pull I would instantly kill the person who got back last and held everyone up. Saying something "Run back now you damn slacker, and don't bother repairing like you do after every stupid pull".

Punishment of Failure: Scream "Who heals and who fails?". Upon finishing throws all ret pallys across the room and gives them a movement speed debuff. Therefore by the time they get back to the boss they are thrown back once again.

Incompetence: While there are spots of fire all over the room if you stand in one for more than 2 ticks you will be frozen in spot have a giant arrow on your head and laughed at while you die to the fire.

Test of Idiocy: You are marked for a challenge you must turn and run to the other side of the room. If you do not make it in time you will explode and instantly kill anyone within 100 yrds of you. This feat can only be accomplished if you fail and keyboard turn.

Stack of Power: One random person is marked. Everyone must stack on this person to either heal or DPS. Not close to them, but directly on top.

That's What Friends Are For: When this casts anyone within 10yrds of anyone else is killed. Spread out you have no friends.

Deadly Barrier: Throw up a barrier that when any DPS is done after it has gone up the person is instantly killed. ie STOP DPS. If you die to this ability "Stupidity has no Cooldown" is spoken.

That is all I can think of for now that I could actually turn into something. If you think of something else be sure to tell me. Enjoy the weather and your weekend.


  1. should be a Gauss "like a boss" song


  2. Punishment of failure is full of win

  3. stopping is hard...

  4. Arms, Fury, or Prot? Or all 3?

  5. I think in Phase 3 (don't know what happens in Phase 2) everyone should be teleported to Barrens on top of a mountain with one lone NPC standing there with the title of . The fight discontinues for approximately 30 seconds. If ANYONE talks to him they're teleported back immediately and one-shotted.
    After the 30 seconds, all players are returned to the fight.
    Deadly Barrier is up at the beginning to kill off dps who can't wait for tank to get aggro (tank not killed due to being marked Main Tank).

  6. Sorry, should've said "title of Common Trainer".