Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Burning Crusade is Still Fun

So continuing my old raids pledge I made last week yesterday we did some BC raids among them being Gruul, Mag, SSC, TK, and BT. I didn't do Mount Hyjal because I hate that place with a passion and Sunwell well I can only imagine what would happen if you brought a bunch of idiots in there. Maybe one day when I am drunk as hell and I am a little suicidal. First I would like to say if I was starting to change my thinking that the random idiot who plays this game is actually somewhat competent this thinking has completely gone out the window. So lets explain the fun which was these raids.


High King was interesting for the fact that my explanation of melee don't attack the mage seem to mean everyone nuke the mage like mindless idiots. This made me come to the conclusion of why Naxx is so easy because a bunch of idiots can't do High King. Now we didn't wipe but even I was surprise at the epic fail at the ability to listen. This made me hope to god we didn't get a ground slam on Gruul and thank god we didn't because it would have been ugly.


So when someone says in raid "where is hellfire peninsula?" you know first off that this person is full of win. Secondly do you think I was surprise to look at him and notice he was not only a Bloodelf but a DK. And people think I pull this shit out of my ass sometimes. Thank God I had 4 other non retards amazing that they had to be guildies to be cube clickers. Also I thanked the WoW gods our dps was good enough to only get one Blast Nova. Gauss Nation has Mag down.


So when people first can't in the dam instance because they have trouble getting through a waterfall you learn to not be surprised when they actually enter the instance and they decide taking the elevator is for noobs and proceed to ask for a rez at the bottom where they plummeted to their death. My biggest fear in this instance was going to be that my constant spamming of "Don't pull Hydross" would somehow be missed and some random idiot would pull the boss. Amazingly my confidence was buffed when we all avoided the boss! That then was soon shattered when someone had the brilliant idea that this was the time to fish up Lurker! Yes someone fished up Lurker when we were on the ramp at Hydross. Lets just say when the archers started picking people off one by one although funny I realized a bunch of 80s might actually wipe in SSC. 5 of us actually made it to Lurker without dying the only thing wrong with this was no healers were left alive. So ya we wiped on Lurker...

The great thing next was "How do you dive when your dead?" Honestly how do these people get to Level 80 better yet how do they get to level 10. Apparently the whole thing about clicking your right mouse button if difficult you would think all the dam clickers and keyboard turners would have figured this dam thing out.

Next came Vashj a boss that most of these tools didn't have a dream of ever seeing. My constant spamming of "The boss is immune during P2" apparently must have been in Swahili since there was like 10 people trying to kill her. Then came the fun when some random idiot got the core and whispered me to tell me they couldn't move. Ah yes why do I even explain anything. Somehow we managed to get the cores relayed even I am clueless to how this was even possible. At least I got to ninja the loot and remove a druid for being a complete idiot. Grats Vero you will be my tool to make fun of this week.


Lets be clear here. A mob that whirlwind hits everyone around it and Melee will die. How are people this retarded honestly? Oh wait it was a DK and a ret pally. I also came to the conclusion here that avoiding trash is pointless since there is always some idiot that can't follow the fruit loops on their map. Just pull everything!

So I actually tried to explain Kael telling people where I wanted shit to die and in what order. I think the only thing people listened to was "Loot every legendary you can use" they did that faster than I could even thought possible. The Orange colour must have made they feel they actually weren't useless and horrible. Not to worry I made sure I told them all on vent what I thought about them. I then decided it might be more fun to actually just let whatever happened on bosses from now on to let happen. At least there was some people who knew what they were doing. Thank God for guildies.


So my thoughts at the ending of TK went on. They weren't going to listen anyway I might as well laugh at them. We invented a new achievement for Shade of Akama. Since when I said "don't talk to akama till I say" apparently might talk to him as soon as you get in the room. So we activated Akama hard mode. All the adds during the fight plus all the adds in the room. This was pretty entertaining. Gorfiend next and I hoped some random tool would get shadow of death and cause constructs to go nuts in the raid. I had to call for stop DPS so at least one person would die from it. Grats to Kùsh I know he enjoyed being the special one. RoS wasn't as fun as it could have been since healers were nice to people when they were killing themselves. Dam them ruining my fun. Bloodboil was entertaining especially when the clueless were dying from 4-5 stacks of bloodboil. Who was the guy that told people to stand at max range the whole time. Oh wait that was me... Sadly only 1 fel rage the fun here could have been endless. Mother saw mass deaths apparently this happens when you don't explain fatal attraction. Hey they weren't going to listen anyway lets at least make it fun! Council was surprisingly easy I wanted people to die in fire. Way to ruin my day. Of course Illidan was to follow and my nightmares of 100000000000 shadow fiends in the raid weren't realized since we killed him fast enough to not get any. That would have been quite the screenshot. Also sadly a warglaive didn't drop as it would have been fun to hear the drama with me ninjaing that. There is always next time.

So that was the BC fun. Hope everyone who came enjoyed my constant laughing at those who were clueless. To those who were clueless you make me want to run it again so hope you will come again. I don't know what I will run next Saturday, but I am up for suggestions


  1. This was great BT was the best since it seem your ability to care was no longer there

  2. you would have ninjad the glaives?

  3. You wouldn't have? I'm a priest, and priests need glavies in the bank!

  4. He was the only warrior and the there was no rogues. So I sure would hope that he would "ninja" the glaives. Also, I still need ZA and sadly mag and gruul cause I slept too late during my nap. but overall great weekend raid. Will always remember the 77 who payed 300g for 2 pieces of t6 that he will replace in no time at all.

  5. Dammit I need sunwell

  6. So whats we doing next weekend?

  7. So what we doing this weekend?

  8. gauss... thanks for the runs. i still havent left my toilet.

  9. Lol you sucksors!