Thursday, September 24, 2009

Public Service

It has come to my attention that people find me offensive, harsh, and cruel. So in order to change peoples opinions on this I have decided to preform this public service message.

I Gauss would like to apologize for my constant humiliation of those lesser than myself. I should realize that people like Bagellord are horrible, fail at everything they do and my constant reminders of their idiocy, belittling, name calling and public humiliations do nothing to improve his or others like him abilities.

I must also make the confession I hate Paladins and although ninjing loot and sharding it in front of people is humorous it may may cause them to cry and inform their mother whose basement they are renting. From now on I will inform people I don't give a crap what they think so when I purposely ruin their day by making mine they will understand that I honestly don't care what they think of me.

I Gauss must also realize that some people are so far on the stupid end of things that they may actually believe standing in a fire is a buff and therefore must do my part to make them realize they are truly retarded.

I Gauss must also realize that sometimes people think I am kidding and must make sure I stress my points that "Everyone dismount" really means everyone dismount "Don't jump off the boat" means don't jump off the and beg for a summon in Stormwind. These are just two examples as I am sure that I can be more clear with in the future. I will now do my best to make the people who do these things cry for days at the amount of ridicule I along with everyone I instruct to give them for doing such things.

In closing I Gauss will continue to be who I am and treat those who are "special" in the way such people deserve to be treated. In addition I have to realize I am that awesome and make sure everyone realizes this fact before anything can be accomplished.


  1. ROFL If there was ever a doubt on anything this just proves your awesome. Proud to be a member of the Nation

  2. People should know your awesome without you telling them!

  3. FUCK PALADINS. that is all.

  4. hey, 2 guys above this. YOU'RE

  5. So For the Horde tomorrow?

  6. Gauss doesn't answer questions, where have you been? This is awesome btw only you could sound sincere while ripping people to shreads will done