Friday, September 11, 2009

You Fail at WoW if...

1)You're a Blood Elf
2)You're a ret pally if your both then...well...
3)you don't have enough DPS for 10 man Naxx
4)You don't have epic flying at 80...This is even worse if you have a mount you can't even ride
5)You ask where a mailbox is in Dalaran
6)You're in a guild called "Special Kind of Stupid"
7)You jump off the boat on the way to Stormwind
8)You use the title "Champion of the Frozen Wastes"
9)The Yeti hits you in the Northern Beasts encounter
10)You died in a fire
11)You think tanking fire walls is fun
12)You think a void zone is a place your supposed to dance on
13)You are missing a Flight Path
14)You ask me what "Vent" is
15)You have to ask your mom if its ok to do another pull
16)You use green gems in epic gear
17)"Super" is anywhere in your name
18)A twink is your main
19)Better yet if you play a twink
20)You're a hunter without ammo
21)You think Barrens Chat is engaging conversation
22)You protect Silvermoon
23)You have a Night Elf named after Orlando Bloom
24)You have no idea why "Many Whelps" is funny

and finally you know you fail at WoW if

25) you DC yourself after you screw up so you can say you DC'd


  1. "If you have to ask your mom if its ok to do another pull"
    I think i just pee'd a little! ROFL!

  2. Why's that flappy? Your mom call you out of your room in the basement for dinner?

  3. LFG 10 man Naxx must have 2k DPS

  4. someone asked for a mailbox in Dalaran?

  5. I know a guy with a mount he can't ride

  6. Ugh stop hating on us pallys because we destroy you warriors in dps :)

    - Hercules

  7. I think Gauss will always hate Pallys

  8. Your are the greatest