Saturday, September 12, 2009

Trade Chat fun

Oh Trade chat what a wonderful thing sometimes. I wonder if trading actually gets done. I always enjoy trade chat so I thought I would share my top 10 ways to have fun in Trade Chat.

10)Tell people where the CAPS LOCK button is

9)Complain about people telling tradewhat items they put on the auction house.

8)Linking random item(better if its grey) and say your selling it for 5000g. for instance WTS [Feeble Sword] 5000g

7)Making up random guilds and asking for sigs or invites. Most importantly when doing this is the mention that the guild has a Tabard

6)Offering to Tank or DPS anyone who asks. When they whisper or invite you answer all their questions in trade. Be sure to ask for insane amounts of gold so you don't actually get invited to the group.

5)Pick a random person talking thaat won't shutup and make fun of them with answering anything they say or just ask they random questions.

4)When people are talking about doing Naxx try to convince them out of doing it. Make sure you are serious with your answers because they will probably be so clueless they would believe you.

3)Low ball peoples items they are trying to sell and go on and on about how the item will never sell for as much as they want it to. If you do this enough be careful you might actually have to buy it if they are that stupid.

2)Inform people that they can learn to speak common. If you didn't know there is a mountain in the barrens south of North Watch. All you have to do is climb it and the NPC will ask you for 1000g to learn to speak it. When about 10 people believe you and head to the barrens make sure you rely the whispers about not being able to climb the mountain to everyone still in Trade.

1) Of course give the people what they want PI and whole lot of it


  1. lol i have been in trade when you have done some of those things

  2. I love how when you put Pi there it total changes the topic in trade

  3. I was in trade yesterday when you were telling people not to do Naxx I never laughed so hard in my life

  4. I am never hungry anymore after Gauss posts Pi