Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ways That Morons Die

I think the topic explains it all. I wrote this about a week ago just have yet to post it. As always keep telling me what you think and as always if you give me the idea to write about I will give you the props for it. So Blackie this one was all your doing.

Drowning: anyone who dies from drowning is obviously a complete moron. You can go afk come back 20 minutes later and still be alive if you haven't disconnected. This is near the top of the fail meter and if your not related to Bagellord or Vero I am sure you must have missed them in the tree.

Jump off TB for Gold: Are you really that stupid and actually believed me. I just wanted to see how retarded you actually were, obviously since you did it it seems a lot more than my original estimations.

Druid Trying to be Cool: So you dismounted and tried to go flight form before hitting the ground, but you failed at trying to be awesome and proved you are a product of failure. Go level your pally.

In a Fire: You are a god among noobs, since you are actually in a raid with your amazing ability to suck more than Justin Timberlake at a Cirque du Soleil party.

In the Whelp Cave: Ah yes the classic minus 50dkp death. Grats blizzard for bringing this back so a new group of idiots can be found and branded among us all.

Low Level Instance: Apparently you can't solo Scarlet Monastery. Don't worry we already expected you ret pally ass would find something to complain about.

Doom Guard Summon: If only this still happened. Nothing like watching some idiot help summon like they were being a nice guy just to watch them die. Oh how I miss this.

Pulling Aggro: There is this mod called Omen it tells you that your threat is too high you should get it. If you have it there just aren't enough words to make fun of you to the best of my ability.

Yes Whirlwind is Bad: Apparently when a mob spins in circles with a weapon and hits melee it hurts. Go figure. Grats you have proven your a dumbass.

They Can See Through Stealth: After the rogue complains for 10 minutes that he was stealth and you are still pointing and laughing at him maybe he will realize what see through stealth actually means. Fan of knives on a single target more you idiot

Proximity Aggro: Standing next to something bigger and stronger than you which is pissed off is never a good idea. I'd ask you how stupid you are, but I am sure I just found that out for myself. Excuse me while I teabag your corpse.

40 Level 1 Gnomes: You just got owned and will be laughed at for years on youtube. Just be thankful you can pay for a name change.

AFK Beatdown: Apparently you are so clueless you couldn't be attacked or assumed people would realize you were AFK and would let you live. You obviously are more retarded than I first thought. You sir are that special king of stupid.

You Tried to Solo Chillmaw and Failed: LOL. Wow you really are that bad. I have been looking for someone like you for awhile. Just know that you made my day and I can at least thank you for that.

I am sure there are more and as always I welcome your input as long as I can make fun of you if its stupid.


  1. Darkmoon faire Launcher anyone?
    Elevator deaths?


  2. I heard they buffed chillmaw

  3. he does kinda seem to hit harder. but still easy as hell to solo.

  4. I have seen that video with the gnomes killing the guy was pretty funny

  5. Isn't chillmaw a 5 man boss?