Friday, September 11, 2009

Things people do that bug me

This title is pretty obvious add your own because I know everyone has something

Chilling on their mounts pretending to be afk

Yes I see your mount. Do you want a cookie? Do you want me to tell you that your awesome? Honestly your not your just a little too proud of your pixels and have now crossed the line from gamer to all out loser. So if you want grats for that I will by all means give them to you.

Blocking a flight master or a mailbox

You sir obviously have no life. You logged on to a video game and then proceeded to bother people. You obviously have no friends and the only way people will talk to you is if they are telling you to get the hell out of the way. You are just so full of fail your mom isn't even proud of you.

The level 8 that asks me for gold to respec

First off your level 8 how the hell do you respec. Think of a better excuse for begging. If it is better i may ever say i will will pay you to jump off Thunderbluff and kill yourself, and then enjoy laughing at you will you are whispering me asking for the gold for doing it. You are even higher on the fail meter than the mailbox guy.

Low levels asking in trade to be run through instances

Learn to play the game you retard. You are the reason there are level 80s doing 1k DPS. You are one of the major reasons people fail at WoW. Go die in a fire please!

People asking me for mount money

Yes I have gold and I probably wouldn't even miss the 5000g for your epic flying, but I still am not going to give it to you. Learn to play the game and farm your own dam gold and don't look for handouts or you will become the level 8 asking for respec money

People who say they put obvious crap on the Auction House

Really you put a gem on the AH along with the other 200 of them and you felt the need to inform the entire server of this useless act. Please God stop you are making people dumber by the second

Gold Sellers spam in cities

Ok we got the picture you sell gold and you probably hacked the account you are spamming on. The only people with more fail than you are the ones who actually respond to those adds.

People who misspell my name

It's Gauss not Guass pleae don't insult me or yourself read a dam book and find out who the namesake is if you don't believe me. If you don't know what a namesake is might as well look that up to moron.


  1. Krispykreem should die.


  2. you forgot mageguy i hate that motherfucker