Saturday, September 26, 2009

Getting Married In WoW

So I was reading the paper the other day as I normally do when there isn't much else to do. Leafs Own by the way and screw all you non Hockey people. Where was I? Oh ya. I saw an article of this couple who had a World of Warcraft themed wedding. Besides laughing my ass off for a good 10-15 minutes and getting many looks from passersby I thought dam I could write something full of awesome about this.

Now they did this wedding dressed as bloodelves and had the entire place decorated to look like Silvermoon. This made me laugh more knowing that these people fail at WoW and not only at real life. When I went on to read that they had first married their toons in this exact place in Warcraft and wanted to replicate it. Oh isn't that sweet your thinking, I was thinking more of pathetic but to each their own. Anyways this got me thinking where people could actually get married in WoW and how I could possibly rip them apart for doing it, because well that's what I do don't I?

So here goes...

Light's Hope Chapel: So this is a church of course it is surround by death, corpses and almost seems as if your life will be over at any moment. Hey wait this place defines marriage!

Twin Colossus in Feralas: So this is nice in the jungle on top of a mountain or peak whatever you want to call it. It even has a little pond everyone can crowd around wouldn't that be sweet. This though would be a great place for a shotgun wedding since there isn't a simple way to get down from here. So no way out. On the other hand if you realized your life is over this is a great place to commit suicide from.

Lower City: This is your welfare wedding location everything is on the cheap and I assume all the drugs you crack babies will need will not be hard to find. The best part is this is where you picked up your crack whore of a wife and you live in that box by the bird guy.

Moonglade: This would be the perfect place to go if you want no one to come. But really if your getting married in WoW you have no friends anyway so guests isn't something you have to worry about.

Black Temple: This place is like a whore house. Oh wait you met in one...

Scarlet Monastery Cathedral: It's a church and everything is not surrounded by corpses and death. To bad this place is like the definition of fail. Insert "Arise my Champion joke here"

Krauss Landing: At least if you did it here it would appear that people actually cared as there would always be people around. To bad this just proves the fact that you fail.

Winterspring Hot Springs: We all know this was the perfect place for a funeral. God that video was awesome. I AIN'T NO GOD DAM SON OF A BITCH!!! To those that live in a cave I can only imagine the forum bitching and complaining which would happen if it were a wedding. This would be so win.

Ok so this wasn't that great but I saw the article and had to right something about it. Also I managed to click a classic WoW video in the process so that is win. So screw you all.

Yes I will be doing some BC raids tonight for all of you who keep asking me and I am ignoring you