Monday, September 21, 2009

How Brewfest Came To Be

So here I am thinking about this WoW holiday we all call Brewfest. When I thought how did they come up with such a interesting holiday. When I thought this would be an awesome idea for a post! So here is my take on it all

Billy: So we need some sort of holiday for the end of September.

Bob: Sounds good. What should it be?

Billy: Why don't we do something where if the people participate in the holiday events it makes it almost impossible to do anything else in the game.

Bob: What would be the purpose of that?

Billy: It would be fun to watch.

Bob: Oh so like watching a bunch of drunk people.

Billy: Oh my God that's it! We will get everyone drunk in everything they do!

Bob: ummm ok...

Billy: It will be like a two week keg party outside Orgrimmar and Ironforge.

Bob: Two weeks? Won't this get old after a couple days? I know getting drunk is fun and all, but how can we make it last for two weeks?

Billy: We will just make them farm something stupid with dailies and such, to buy I don't know clothes.

Bob: Clothes? Not everyone Role Plays like that. Seems pretty weak too just get clothes

Billy: Well its a big keg party, how about we add a mini keg?

Bob: Sounds good. What about we also add those Beer Goggles that make everyone hot that would be cool.

Billy: That's a retarded idea. But what the hell let's add them anyway.

Bob: Can't forget pets. There are always losers complaining there aren't enough pets.

Billy: Let's make it a rabbit with antlers.

Bob: umm why?

Billy: I don't know I am just making crap up. Make it a pink Elephant then is that ok with you?

Bob: There are no elephants in Warcraft.

Billy: Then make it whatever we call the dam Draenei mount.

Bob: an Elekk?

Billy: Ya that thing. Let's add them both. One then can buy, but my mutant thing can be a quest.

Bob: You really want to add a rabbit with antlers? What will we call it?

Billy: I don't know just mash head head on the keyboard and add "tinger" at the end.

Bob: Ok then. You know we could add a mini-boss could we not. That way we could add another daily.

Billy: You are brilliant. And you know what we could make him drop trinkets that are the same as the dam badge ones. We can just change the names to have something to do with Beer. They will be so busy doing all this crap they won't even notice.

Bob: Great Idea. But where should we put it?

Billy: The Bar in BRD of course.

Bob: Why there?

Billy: Because no one ever goes there anymore and it is so far from everything else it will piss those fools off even more.

Bob: Anything else?

Billy: Ya let's make him drop a couple of mounts with a super low drop rate. So they will be forced to come back everyday to try and get them. The best part is we can just reuse old models and change the names again!

Bob: May I suggest a Ram and a Kodo.

Billy: Awesome idea that way horde will want the ram and alliance the kodo. Those idiots will be farming that place all day. It will be great!

Bob: But how will we get them hooked on this in the first place?

Billy: Easy let's give them a free Mug to tap the kegs outside the cities. Everyone loves free beer.

Bob: That should work. May I suggest some drunken music or at least constant drunks rambling with looping music.

Billy: Great idea once again. Maybe we could add a Bar fight or something. Like every half hour and make it relate to BRD somehow.

Bob: They will just show up every half hour for a bar fight? They are just going to walk from BRD?

Billy: No they can come in Mole Machines.

Bob: What is a Mole Machine?

Billy: It's this thing that drills through the ground.

Bob: They are going to drill through BRD and end up at Orgrimmar and Ironforge every half hour? That doesn't even make any sense.

Billy: Who cares everyone will be drunk anyway.

Bob: So what are we going to call this holiday anyway?

Billy: We work at Blizzard. Let's do what we always do slightly change some other name and take all the credit and call it our own.

Bob: How about Octoberfest? Then the clothes would be easy to design and we can even throw some food in to relate to that to add to the party grounds.

Billy: Sounds like a plan. How about Brewfest.

Bob: I think you got a winner there. I'll get working on it right away.

And so Brewfest was born. Enjoy! You will see me celebrating walking around in my full garb and dual wielding my Unholy enchanted mugs and of course will most likely be by my mailbox


  1. You know Gauss, I was auctually thinking if you were going to post one of these or not? Haha. I was thinkin' 'bout giving you the idea on WoW today. Your story line is more creative than mine however.


  2. i'll admit i did spit out some food reading this

  3. I saw you yesterday you looked awesome

  4. "Let's make it a rabbit with antlers." ... i'm just making crap up. That was funny as hell

  5. That was great well done

  6. Am I the only one who finds it funny he used Billy and Bob?

  7. I think he did that on purpose...

  8. it is sad brewfest is almost over