Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Mailbox

So Kùsh asked me yesterday why I seem to be standing beside the mailbox for quite a bit of time. So today I decided I would share with you all the reason. I will write what the mail was and say my thoughts upon reading it

ok so these first few are boring just disenchant crap from guildies. I will use this time to bitch. I hate you all for thinkin I have nothing better to do than DE all this crap of yours. What the hell you want Dream Dust for anyway. One day I am just going let it sit in the box and rot.

"Gauss can i have some gold i know you won't miss it"
Go to hell

"My friend says you gave him some gold to help him with his flying I could really use that 5000g to get my flying as well"
Your friend is a liar. Only failures don't have epic flying.

"Hey Gauss they were talking about you in trade today thought I would let you know"
are you new to Llane? Your filling my mailbox with crap I already know

"gauss I lost your blog address could you send it to me"
First off my name gets a capital and secondly Favourite you moron.

"Gauss you awesome I heard you have a lot of gold...."
ok cutting it off there and just deleted it. Who cares if he wasn't going to ask that crap pisses me off

"Gauss I need to be in Three Score you guys are great i will be 80 by the weekend"
This guy obviously is full of fail and doesn't have a clue

"Gauss trade chat is lacking Pi today you should give them some. btw your blog is great!"
Hold a sec while I put Pi in trade chat

"Are you doing For the Horde today, message me if you do"
Let's be clear I don't message people or hold spots or none of that crap. Pay attention for when the dam invites happen and get it then. Also For The Horde is Fri-Sun not on Tuesday you dumbass

"Can you mention me in your blog?"
Who the Hell are you?

"I have a warrior question. Can I ask you about it when you are online?"
Everyone knows I don't answer questions. Where has this guy been?

"Are you really Gauss?"
Are you really that Stupid?

"Do you really have that much gold?"
Do you really think I will give you any?

"My buddy told me about you. I read your blog I was pissing my pants"
Obviously you weren't paper trained

"Can you take me on one of your guilds raids?"
Sure if you sit outside the entire time and never do anything

"What are you recruiting"
Learn to read the website you idiot

"You really think your better than everyone?"
Not everyone but certainly you

"Can I add you to my friends list?"
this isn't Facebook you moron

"I wanted to tell you I ignored you today for spamming"
And I see you are very proud. Did you want a cookie?

"You are the King of Llane"

"I posted an application to your guild get back to me plz if there is any questions"
yay wonder if this idiot has 71 points in frost

And the box is empty. So please if you see me standing next to a mailbox in Dalaran you now can feel the pain I am going through each and every day.


  1. Rofl, that explains it! 5/5 rating for saying that cool ass Kush dudes name.

  2. "You are the King of Llane....Obviously"

    LOL that was awesome

  3. I wouldn't even answer them

  4. Now it makes sense why you are always pissed off

  5. ROFL at "Who the hell are you"

  6. Everytime I see you in Dalaran you are by that mailbox outside of North Bank

  7. that is his mailbox