Thursday, September 17, 2009

What Kind of WoW Player Are You?

Today I felt like describing the many different types of WoW players. This will not only be Informative, but as always entertaining

Noob: You could be new to the game and there have an excuse for being completely useless and utterly horrible. If you are not new on the other hand you are not only useless and horrible but the laughing stock of everyone around. Please see the dictionary under Bagellord for more information.

Scrub: You are pretty bad at everything you do. You wipe in 10 man Naxx for being unable to understand the concept of the safety dance. You also rely on the fact you get marks and points for losing BGs and Arenas. You are on moron for being proud of your horrible gear because you have 2 pieces of T8 which can be bought from a vendor...

Dreamer: You sit in Dalaran inspecting people hoping to be apart of bigger and better things instead of your worthless Warcraft existence. You constantly apply to guilds above your level and either are openly mocked for doing so or are completely ignored. You always use the line "If only I had your gear" at least 10 times daily. Words of advice from Gauss Stop crying or reroll a Ret Pally at least then people will understand where your bitching comes from.

The Dumbass: There are the people that have no reason why they are so horrible. They do like 1k DPS, fail at pally tanking, or have no idea how to roll HoTs as a druid. They are really beyond help but do provide some comic relief.

Raider: You raid weekly do your crap get your epics and are not that horrible of a player. The problem is your guild is horrible and can hardly progress through any content. Raiders are often dreamers but they differ in the fact they never apply to other guilds for the fact they are afraid of failure. Sorry but your already there.

Failboat Admiral: You sir are an idiot. You are that moron that dies in a fire, gets shot by a laser point right at you, or jumps off the boat on the way to Stormwind. You also somehow manage to do these things more than Once. You are like a Noob that has squeaked through the cracks. Learn your place in the world and go play Halo

Captain Obvious: You are that guy on vent that never shuts up or just repeats everything just to hear your own voice. You are the first person people notice is not around because they are actually able to concentrate. Do us all a favour and destroy your headset.

PvP "God": You are the self proclaimed greatest player ever. You tell everyone how to win BGs by constantly yelling at them. If only you realized they never will listen. You brag about your arena ratings even though you got carried by OP combos or glitches, but that doesn't matter because you got "insert title" in "insert season" so you obviously are full of awesome....Sorry but no.

Hardcore Raider: You are the best around. Have full tier got all hardmodes on farm. Life is great. Oh wait it isn't. Your spouse left, you got fired, and you ran out of redbull. At least you have awesome gear....

Gauss: Sorry there can only be One


  1. Good stuff once again keep it coming

  2. Failboat Admiral great name

  3. so many of those PvP "Gods" around

  4. You hit like everyone spot in its pretty amazing ***** to you sir!

  5. Realized you kinda skipped the trade whores.

  6. i'd mail him and tell him, but then he would hate me


  7. There can only be one Gauss