Monday, September 14, 2009

Guess There Always is a First Time

So yesterday was the first time that a failed For The Horde raid has happened. This wasn't because the DPS was awful, or because the healers were a special kind of stupid, or the fact that I had the normal 8 people under level 80. For every raid has all of these things and even though I bitch, complain, humiliate and constantly make fun of everyone in every raid we somehow get the Job done because no matter how retarded the people are they listen. Then when its all said and done they go and pickup WoW's version of the Toyota Camry that being the Black War Bear.

That simple instruction yesterday somehow got lost and some idiot refused to follow the plan. Of course I expect that retarded things will happen like people jumping off boats or running up stairs during the pull at Exodar(I still hope no one will do this). These little things I can deal with for they don't ruin the raid for everyone who put the time in, and also gives some comic relief to the whole run. I may sound like there is a vein popping out of the my head, but it does amuse me.

So why did this raid fail? Everything was going pretty much to script the raid was summoned and chilling in the cave and I logged over to check the Kings room as always. The room is pretty much empty besides the 5 or so people chilling there, but that's pretty normal. So I log back over with the good news. Then we are introduced to Hailstone. Yes I know I don't normally use names, but this guy obviously is a moron. Bagellord looks like a champ compared to him. Anyways I log back to find him outside the cave and no where near the group, and when he finally gets back to the group he was followed back by a few alliance who have now discovered the entire raid. So obviously to him "Stay in the God Dam Cave in the back corner" meant something like go round up all the alliance you can see and show them where we are and telling them to be ready. So let's just say the raid got pretty owned upon entering the city. Hailstone has now been dubbed "the Champion of Stupidity" His excuse of course was he was stealth and couldn't be seen.... yet he was followed back....Do I even have to tell you he was a blood elf?

So yes it was bound to happen sooner or later, but I would have preferred it to happen not because some dumbass messed it up for everyone else. Let Hailstone live to be the Champion of Stupidity as I am sure the Gauss Nation will never let him live down the shame he has brought.

I promise I won't be so serious tomorrow this just had to be said. Maybe I will throw something else up tonight to make up for it. Again thank you all for the support and even though I said yesterday that was the end of the runs next Friday I will start them up again. So be ready to kick some ass again!


  1. Will hopefully be there^.^

  2. Your still awesome even if some idiot screwed it up

  3. So you are doing FTH this weekend?

  4. Its Friday isn't it?

  5. i like cheese and dicks!