Friday, September 18, 2009

What the Mount You Ride Says

Will start with ground and will doing flying another day. Also if you are one of those people that chills on your mount pretending to be afk please look back at the "things that bother me" section.

Black War Bear: Proud member of the Gauss Nation. This mount doesn't look that bad, but there are lots around thanks to yours truly. So its like driving a Toyota Camry not that bad of a car but not too original either. You are what we call a follower

Armored Brown Bear: Who the Hell rides this thing? I assume people with the "Champion of the Frozen Wastes" title enjoy this mount. You fail ride something else.

Zulian Tiger: I know you yell "BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL" every time you mount it. This mount may look cool but I know you only ride it so people whisper you and ask where you got it. Let's be clear this doesn't mean you have friends.

Amani War Bear: This doesn't mean your awesome, it means your living in the past. You probably are the person that reads their high school yearbook daily if only it actually had comments in it.

Your Races Mount: You have no friends just face it.

Another Races Mount: You have too much time and yet you want to broadcast this to everyone.

Any Hawkstrider: You look like a dumbass. You also probably wear Crocs in real life since you are so used to looking like an idiot.

Talbuk: You are on this mount because you think it looks elegant and high class. Think again its a goat.

Black War Mammoth: Face it your riding this because obviously you have nothing better. Everyone has this mount because it is a joke to get. You are so full of fail you might as well have rolled a ret pally.

Traveler's Tundra Mammoth: You just wasted 16000g on a mount. Do I really need to say anything else?

White Polar Bear: I hate you go die in a fire.

Zhevra: You want people to think you actually have friends. Sorry your not fooling anyone.


  1. I commented on another post about the cartoon for the polar bear girl you should check it out

  2. I feel ya on the polar bear

  3. So flying mounts soon?