Sunday, September 20, 2009

That Tickles Me Wooden Leg

So I have to admit Pirate's Day is one of my favourite holidays in WoW. So what better way to celebrate it by doing a For The Horde all decked out in Pirate attire and then doing some Classic raids to finish it off. Let's go over some highlights of the day for those who weren't a part of the fun.

For The Horde

So not only was my constant bitching and complaining there along with the fair share of humiliation, but I did it all in Pirate Talk. Nothing like making fun of someone with Blimey!, No Quarter!, Scurvy Scum, and the good ole that tickles me wooden leg thrown in. Surprisingly I think this was the best DPS I have ever had in a For The Horde and I had like 9 low levels. So to raid leaders who want more DPS just do your raids all decked out as a pirate apparently it works. I know some people recorded this I assume it was pretty amusing to see 40 pirates killing bosses so if you did I'll be happy to throw it up on here to display it for everyone.

Classic Fun

So what do you do while bored on Pirate's Day? You do some classic raids and piss people off more. So we start with AQ40 went pretty well besides the fact I had to say everything on vent then type it out. Then no one understood what the hell I was saying because I had pirate speak on. Props to Khaotic for being my Pirate Translator that was rather amusing. Grats to all the morons that don't understand left and right. Left is the hand that makes an "L" like the Loser you are and your right hand is the one you jack off with looking at your Night Elf toon. Apparently we weren't fail enough to wipe on emps many because we had 40 people. Some dumbass DK rolled on a class item then complained he couldn't equip it. Maybe Bagellord paid for a name change who knows. It was on C'thun though when I put ML on and forgot to take it off when we headed to BWL.

First of all to all the Idiots who had no clue where BWL was I am sure Bagellord has room in his guild for you. So after I was pissed I left ML on for RG I realize I could have fun with it. There was this pally who was complaining level 80s were rolling on gear his level 63 ass could use. I never responded to him when he asked questions because everyone knows I don't answer questions. So when he won a roll on something on Vael I told everyone on vent I would ninja it and give it to him later just so everyone could hear him bitch and complain. Let's just say this then became a theme of the raid. I would let the pallys roll then ninja the item all to everyone on vents amusement. Let's also make a point that laughing at people in raids using Pirate Speak makes this even better. Grats to Kùsh who ended up getting the pally loot after the low level left and crying. He was ret and yet wanted the healing gear because he could use. Grats Darrius you are now on my always make fun of list. Even better was this tool's friend the Druid Waterbufflo I started to Ninja his stuff to because it was just to awesome to pass up. He died on Chromagus because I got him to pull the lever because he was "special" dam whoever rezzed him I wanted a raid wide teabag. Oh well maybe next time. So after complaining how I wanted to do Nef in the middle and not by the throne, because the failures without a cloak would be able to survive that way. What did you think I decided? Of course we did it in the middle and watched how like 2/3 of the raid died. Is it wrong that I was happy at the mass casualties?

So what next? MC of course. Apparently some people in this group were so fail they needed a summon from BWL to MC. Yes they asked for a summon. Kùsh I don't believe you that you were "afk" so no point in replying! So when I entered MC I stood back and watch NJ tank it in Boomkin when Khaotic summoned me like 10ft up in the instance when I got the brilliant idea to RP a cripple. I would not take a step the entire instance and would be summoned from place to place to loot. Yes we actually did this, who else could get 21 summons in a raid besides me for just simple amusement? Of course I went on to Ninja pally loot even with the cry baby gone because it was now the theme and yet everyone still rolled which was also funny. To all who didn't know MC still drops hunter loot I think that bastard applebottoms got like a full set in one run. I actually got to DPS Rag though as I was summoned beside him before this boss pull at least I helped clear the instance I also felt like I wasn't doing anything purposeful. Not that I cared anyway, and even got a summon so I could take the mage portal back to Dalaran oh yes that was full of win besides all the dam pally gear that was in my bags.

Anyways that was the Pirates Day fun. Until next year when I have to figure out a way to top it. Again if you have videos of any of it would be glad to post it so those who weren't part of the epic raids get a chance to see it all.

Now how can we have fun during Brewfest...


  1. I was there this was a blast. He actually got summoned to every boss to loot

  2. Gauss I have never had so much fun in WoW

  3. You honestly got summoned to loot? Only you could pull that off

  4. Best time I ever had in any raid thanks and I would love to go again. BC raids next weekend?

  5. You ninja! Only you could get anyway with that and people would think it was funny

  6. Pallys will revolt against you one day

  7. so whats on tap for the weekend?