Saturday, September 19, 2009

Guild Names

So whats in a guild name? I basically tells you everything you need to know about the guild. So I would thought I would comment on some guild names I have come across and then throw out some suggestions for people looking to start a new one.

Lets start with the existing ones

[Lincoln Wiped on Opera] props to Lastshot on this one. This name is full of win and wish I came up with it myself.

[Me so Hordie] I have seen this one around must be full of 15 year old boys who will live in their parents basement till they are 45.

[Kill It Till It's Dead] I think the people who made this guild are confused at what "dead" means.

[Special Kind of Stupid] Abtal asked to use my phrase for this guild while I was using it on our pal Bagellord during a For the Horde run. At least now he will know he will live on forever.

[Pi Crit Trade] this gets Gauss' Approval.

Submit some you may have seen around I may have missed. Now for my own ideas

[Ret Pallys Anonymous] This guild would be for alts of ret pallys where they all could bitch and complain to each other without fear of persecution. Kùsh has offered to write a 12 step program for this guild. See him for details.

[Protectors of Silvermoon] This guild's point is obvious. Although I don't think you would be able to get any signatures.

[Horde for Life] this would be an alliance guild.

[AFK Mom's Calling] This guild would be the perfect place for people using the titles "Champion of the Frozen Wastes" or "Jenkins"

[Nagas Belong in Slave Pens] I would just be curious how fast blizzard disbanded this.

[No One Key] This guild would be for Mages. Since they forget to switch their keybinds before they break their "1" key

[Clickers and Keyboard Turners] This would be a guild for people who obviously fail since they have no idea why clicking and keyboard turning is bad.

[Bloodelf Refugees] keep all those dam blood elves in one place. This guild could also go by the names [Sword Fighters] or [Pretty in Pink]

[The Way Things Should Be] all female toons in this guild would have to be tailors and cooks

[Turncoat Failures] this is for faction transfers who can't get in a guild. At least you all will have something to talk about.


  1. Aww, c'mon the ret pally guild should be
    [Full of Fail]. (says the newb belf ret pally)

    the only other guild name i recall that sticks out atm, is [Blood Bath and Beyond]

  2. "Nagas Belong in Slave Pens" just wow lol

  3. LOL once again you are awesome

  4. Wow just wow some people going to be pissed at you

  5. Will Cyborz For Gold
    awsome guild :D

  6. Gauss I think you are a genius! And yes Last came up with a spiff name

  7. [PI is better than E] :P
    Thanks for the shout Gauss!


  8. Clickers and Keyboarder turners that made me laugh. Well done sir

  9. So how many people took this seriously?

  10. [Fat Kids Lag IRL] I have heard of this one before

  11. Once again you amaze me